Ken Andrus - the People's Representative!


We Have includedd an Interview that ranges through many topics or you can read the synopsis of Ken's views below.Ken Andrus

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility means understanding that we do not have endless funds to spend on any project that may be the current whim of politicals.  We must show our citizens we are serious about our responsibilities by balancing our budget with preferential funding for Education.  Governmental spending must decrease because the raising of taxes during a recession is unacceptable. 

I will continue to stand for limited taxes and promote decreases in government spending.

Protect Individual Freedoms Guaranteed under Federal and State Constitutions

Important isuues like Eminent Domain must be carefully watched to make sure they are not  used to take property for private profit instead of the public good.  Making sure that Idaho's water is safe and kept in Idaho is a continuing issue that we must remain vigilant to maintain.  I support Traditional Family Values which keep our families strong and Idaho's lifestyle vibrant. 

I have voted and will continue to vote to maintain personal freedoms as long as I serve you in Boise.

Support Education

I served on my local school board for years before going to Boise.  I understood that entry level teachers needed a better starting wage or Idaho would continue to have a shortage of teachers.  I voted, in my first term, to increase wages for beginning teachers.  I will continue supporting Education to have preferential funding in the budget.  I will encourage for stronger Education priorities which give our children the best chance to compete in an ever-changing world.

Support Business 

I have played a key roll supporting our private business.   The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) awarded me their 100% Voting Record recognition on issues vital to the survival of Main Street Business.  

I will advocate changing laws to make our state business friendly. We must stop duplicating regulations and forming duplicate agencies hindering business growth.  I know we must be business friendly to bring the jobs that Southeast Idaho needs for its people to thrive.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is another way we can attract business to Idaho.

I am frequently asked what I would do as a legislator to increase the economy in the State or particularly in my district.  There are some tools that are used and they are called Urban Renewal or Tax Increment Financing (TIF).  Tax Increment financing means when a business wants to come into your area' the business gets tax incentives while they get their infrastructure completed and gets up and running.  I believe that TIF can be very valuable when used judiciously. 

Large businesses like All State which recently came to Chubbuck and the Pocatello area, look at all the benefits of locating in an area.  That includes the tax structure.  Using TIF can make our communities competitive with other areas that are giving incentives.  TIF is a good tool if used during the first stage of the business relocating and once the business is on its feet retire the TIF district.  When large businesses like All State and Costco come into the area give the tax incentive and when the project is done, remove it.  Don't abuse the Tax Increment Financing.

I think Pocatello has done a relatively good job in using TIF wisely.  We need to make sure that we are able to continue to use this tool to bring in jobs to an area or City in our State.  I am in favor of using Tax Increment Financing as long as it is used wisely and judiciously and not abused.

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